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Industrial Coatings in
Washington State

Extreme Coatings, located in Pasco, WA, specializes in surface preparation, industrial coatings, and the rehabilitation of steel and concrete structures. The team here at Extreme Coatings prides itself on our track record of success by providing unique solutions to complex problems and finishing projects on time and under budget.

With over 35 years of experience in the industrial coatings industry, we are a Washington state leader in innovative procedures and coating technologies. The experts here at Extreme Coatings provide prime construction services on Federal projects and specialty construction services to federal, municipal and industrial clients, and general contractors.

Services Include:

Surface Preparation involves the removal of contaminants like rust, dirt, oil, peeling paint, and other pollutants. This makes it possible to have the proper and prolonged bonding of the coating systems. 

Some of the methods entail abrasive blasting/sandblasting, soda blasting, bristle blasting, specialty blast media, and another specialty blasting.

Extreme Coatings offers experienced applicators for a wide array of standard and specially formulated coatings that are used to shield assets from the conditions of commercial, industrial, marine, and other severe environments. 

We work in various environments that include bridges and highways, ports and ships, power and utilities, HP water jetting, locks and dams, refineries, and more.

Back in 2010, Extreme Coatings opened the Vac Truck segment of our business to provide superior service to the community. We were the first contractor in Eastern Washington to offer Hydro Excavation capabilities. 

Our custom, state-of-the-art Vacuum Trucks provide extraordinary performance, as well as versatility and capacity that make Extreme Coatings the trusted choice for businesses in Eastern Washington. We have the capability to remove wet or dry materials with ease from the hardest-to-reach places.

We specialize in the rehabilitation of steel and concrete structures.

Lead and other hazardous coatings removal work can be harmful to the environment and to a worker’s health. At Extreme Coatings, we mitigate this risk by having our highly trained coatings specialists and lead certified supervisors adeptly handle the containment and removal of hazardous coatings

Services in this area include complex containment/enclosures, negative air, PPE, air monitoring, removal, and waste disposal.

We are Specialists in Complex Industrial Coating Solutions!